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Grandparent Custody and Visitation Rights in Ohio

 First, in order for a grandparent to be able to file a motion for custody or visitation with the Court, one of the following three circumstances must be present:

  • The child’s parents are unmarried.
  • The child’s parents are going through a divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, annulment or child support proceedings.
  • The child is involved in an abuse, dependency, or neglect case. 

How can a Grandparent Obtain Custody of a Child?

Obtaining custody of a grandchild can be very challenging because the Courts consider the right of parents to care for their children a fundamental right.… Read the rest

Same Sex Parents in Ohio Take Heed- Ohio Supreme Court Issues Important Lesson

Several weeks ago, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a decision in In Re Mullen; Hobbs v. Mullen, et. al. involving the parental rights of a same sex couple.  The lesson for same sex parents is as follows. GET IT IN WRITING.

In the case, Michele Hobbs and Kelly Mullen, a same sex couple, decided to have a child.  A male friend agreed to donate his sperm and Mullen became pregnant through an in vitro fertilization procedure.

The women acted as co-parents.  The women shared the financial responsibility of the in vitro fertilization process, Hobbs was present when Mullen gave birth, the women created a ceremonial… Read the rest