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Long-Term Care Medicaid Eligibility in Ohio

Given the prevalence and cost of long-term care, all seniors and their families should be knowledgeable about Medicaid and the planning options available to qualify for Medicaid.

Why is Medicaid Planning Important?

The need for long-term care is common but the cost is staggering.  Seventy percent (70%) of people over age 65 will need long term care during their lifetimes. The average nursing home stay is 2.4 years. The average annual cost of a nursing home room in the Cleveland Metropolitan area is $73,912.50.

Medicare pays the cost of a skilled nursing facility for up to 20 days, with a co-pay… Read the rest

Long Term Care Presentation at North Olmsted Senior Center

Elder law lawyer Elizabeth Perla will be providing a presentation on Long Term Care Planning at North Olmsted Senior Center on May 9th at noon.  Contact North Olmsted Senior Center to sign up for the lunch and learn program.

The cost of long term care, be it nursing home, assisted living or home care can quickly drain a family of its resources.  Elder law attorney Elizabeth Perla will discuss how one puts together a long term care plan, including utilizing personal resources, insurance and government benefits. Bring your questions and start preparing a plan that can save your family money and… Read the rest

What does Medicare Cover in a Skilled Nursing Facility?

You or a family member have a serious health event like a stroke or a broken hip and are admitted to the hospital. Rehabilitation services are needed. What will Medicare cover?

Medicare will cover skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, that is medically necessary services ordered by a physician and performed by a physical therapist, occupational therapist or other skilled professional, under Medicare Part A.

To qualify for the coverage the patient must meet the following criteria:

  1. Patient must have been admitted to the hospital and spent three overnights. Important note: observation
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What Rights Does a Resident of a Nursing Home Have?

What rights do I have as a resident of a long-term care facility? Under the laws of the State of Ohio, the answer is quite a few. Thanks to a piece of legislation commonly referred to as the “Nursing Home Bill of Rights”, residents of facilities that provide accommodations to three or more unrelated people for more than twenty-four hours, enjoy a wide array of protections. This legislation extends to individuals currently receiving care in a nursing home, residential care facility, or county home.

Here are some of the most important rights afforded to those who are living in a private or public… Read the rest

What Can You Do When A Guardian Isn’t Doing His Job?

Thanks to changes in Ohio law, there is now a clear procedure for wards and family members of wards seeking court intervention when a guardian  isn’t meeting the requirements of his job.  Every county probate court is required to have procedures in place to evaluate guardian complaints and if the complaints merit it, set the same for hearing.  The court may also schedule the relevant parties for mediation.  In more extreme cases, an action may be needed to remove the guardian.

To find out more about a guardian’s responsibilities, the wards rights and the options available to wards … Read the rest